Making Money Online: The easy way to buzz your pocket

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The Internet has lots of advantages and great things to offer.  Many of these offers can be from free online shopping sprees to discount auction fairs, from free music CDs to free phone calls and from many other great fun and games to online books and educational information.  While I was doing a research on easy money making, I found out that the Internet has pages offer free money to Internet users.  It can be from free online stores to get paid to surf and from pay per click to get pay to play.

Online money making can be from zero to thousand of dollars depending on the users’ knowledge and expertise of using the Internet.  Thousands of Internet users can use the Internet to make extra money, others are making a living off the Internet by simply using the Internet tools and software.  Many users claimed that online money making is the easiest way to earn cash with out spends hundreds and thousands of dollars for capital investment and advertisement.

Some of the easiest ways to make money online is get pay to surf.  There are many companies out in the Internet simply offer ways to earn extra cash by surfing the Internet.  Some of the get paid to surf companies or programs are Spedia, CashGlow and CashSurfers.  These programs can be earned up to four to five hundred dollars a month.  It depends on the type of programs and the knowledge of using the power of Internet.  Some of these programs can be multi-levels of pay.  That means every Internet surfers using these services would get pay on all the referrals under their hierarchy. 

Those three programs or services that I mentioned above are among the top-ten get pay to surf.  Spedia pays forty cents per hour spending on the net with the Spedia bar. You can get pay for joining various free services, reading emails, playing the games and referring other peoples to use the service (Get Paid).  There are certain levels to the referral system.  The people who are first referred to, are consider level one, the ones who are referred by the people in level one are consider to be level two and so on.  For every level Spedia pays different rates.  Spedia pays ten percent of how much each referral makes from level one and five percent of each referral in the next four levels (Get Paid). 

CashGlow however, pays people to chat and or play games.  Members get pay twenty cents per hour and only twenty hours per month with the CashGlow bar.  Also get pay from referring other people.  Their referral rates are, five cents per hour for every referral from level one and two cents per hour from levels two and three (Get Paid).

CashSurfers pay fifteen cents for every hour with the CashSurfers bar.  However, it only allows four hours a day and a hundred twenty hours per month.  They also pay for filling out surveys, playing games, signing up for sponsors free program and referring others.  Their referral rates are, ten percent of how much each referral makes from levels one through four (Get Paid).                      

The three services that I compared have some similarities and some differences.  They are similar by paying members when they join certain offers, refer others, play games and they each have a bar.  The difference between them is that they have different rates and that they each have different limited hours.  These services are all really good for money making off the Internet, just have to take advantage of the right ones and you can earn some extra money.

The bars from different services collects data and tells the service what people like to do most on the internet.  It shows up on the screen every time it is activated, once it’s activated, it collects the types of most visit web sites, the cookies and it times the amount of hours spent.  After doing so, it returns the information back to the companies main computers so that it can “match the interests of thousands of advertisers with those of millions of users around the world” (Spedia).

In conclusion, I think these types of services are really useful for those who need some extra cash.  It’s a big advantage that all you do is sit at home and get paid for going on the internet.  It’s a really smart way to make really easy money and have fun at the same time.  There’s a big chance that these services will grow because it is so easy to make money and people will never refuse it.


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