Gunpey For PSP

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Advantages: addicting

Disadvantages: Not enough variety

At first it seems like game consists of little more than a rush to swap pieces to the highest stranded tiles in an attempt to disappear before they reach the top of the screen and at the end of the game, but you’ll quickly discover that the art of the progress and the proceeds on an almost subconscious level. It appears that you’ve got, the more you play better, even if not actively looking for patterns and strategic initiatives to unlock the true pleasures in Gunpey. After you commit to the experience, but you’ll find the corn itself around primitive, obsessive core of your brain and will not let go. Only … a … more … line. Sure, buddy. You can stop whenever you want.

What that Gunpey is a new puzzle true classic, despite all the Lumines as a decoration Discounts to unlock the skin, and music ranging line-effects that breaking the basic experience does not lend itself to much diversity. There are “original” and “pause” policy that determine whether the tiles fall over the lines have been destroyed or not, but that’s only substantive change on tap. In fact, the only real gameplay difference between the skin and the other is the rate at which the rising tide and tiles.

No time fringed come in 60 tests, 90, 180 and other flavors. The default mode challenge to unlock the skin as you progress, which can then be used in standard mode with a double skin and skin way that challenges you face with two slabs, tiles at once. There is also enormous sign that your 10×10 inch garret left a heck of a job. The problem is, there is nothing here that is different in the convoluted strategies, you’ll discover, even when playing a friend of the Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi connection.

Disappointment because of the lack of progress invention side, Gunpey is intellectually fun and interesting exercise for the brain and the equal sign. If you’re sick of falling blocks, or just need a new challenge to turn around the gray matter, let him try.

Summary: Worth to buy


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