Haunted Alcatraz

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The prison at Alcatrez was opened in 1934 as a maximum security prison to house some of the most hardened criminals. The prison closed in 1963, and did indeed live up to its reputation by housing some of the toughest like; Al Capone, James Bluger and Alvin Karpis. The location has also served as a  lighthouse, a military fortification, and a military prison. Alcatrez Island became a national park site in 1972. Today over one million visitors board the ferry to visit the island each year.

Many people believe that the prison that was once referred to as ‘The Rock’ is now home to many disembodied spirits. Over the years many visitors, and tour guides have reported ‘cold spots’, noises, and a feeling that they are not alone. Sounds of cell doors opening and closing is a very common occurrence. As well as screams and whistles coming from the cells. Cell block C and D seem to be a particular hot spot of activity. Cell block D was home to Al Capone and some have even reported hearing banjo music playing there. Numerous EVP recordings and strange photos have been collected.

One thing is certain the location has a fascinating and ominous history. Even though the prison closed years ago, many feel that there are still souls trapped there behind the dark dank walls. A place that started out with the reputation of being one of the toughest prisons has now earned itself the reputation of being one of the top haunted places in the world.


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