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Hear my cry, Oh God: attend to my prayer…

I have been sent to you straight from the Lord.
The word that I bring makes you crave for more.
It’s like a two edge sword just pierced you heart.
We will begin this lesson from the book of Mark.
Come to me and I will make you fishers of men.
Now we can talk about how to walk away from sin.
Hear my cry, O God: attend unto my prayer.
Forgive all my faults and deliver me from fear.
My Jesus is precious and so dear. He’s bountiful, beautiful and so near. Time is approaching quickly so let’s get on track.
In the book of John he said that he will be back.
The thought of him brings much tears.
His love has been with us throughout the years.
He has all power in his hand. The promise to Abraham of a fruitful land.
Heaven is the place in which we seek.
The book of Genesis is where God speak.
Glory, glory to his awesome name. Jesus, Jesus in which there is no shame.


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