Onion salad with carrots

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If the apple is the queen of fruit, then the onion is the king of vegetables. Many people claim this. There is some truth in this saying. The onion is very healthy although many people do not like it. Onion is used in many stew and soup recipes. It is almost impossible to prepare them without it. The use of onion in the salad recipes is very uncommon but somebody can like this recipe and use it.

Onion salad with carrots


400 gr carrots

5-6 green onions (if you do not have green onion you can use white onion)

olive oil or vegetable oil

salt to taste

3-4 table spoons of mayonnaise mixed with lemon juice

8-10 olive halves


Method of preparing:

You have to cut the onions finely. Then grate the carrots and mix these ingredients. Add some salt to taste. Pour some vegetable oil. Mix well. Add the mayonnaise with the lemon juice. In the end you have to spread the parsley on the top. Decorate with olive halves. Enjoy this wonderful healthy salad!


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