How to Celebrate Valentines Day when you are Broke

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alentines day will be here before you know it. Unfortunately, your pay check won’t. So how can you show that special someone that you care? Here are some easy tips that you can use to help you pull it off.

Leave little love notes or poems around the house, office or car. Be creative and put them in pockets, inside of his or her glove, his wallet or her purse, a book etc. Be sappy and creative and he or she will love it. Reminisce about a special memory the two of you share together or something you look forward to. Invite him or her out and set a date closer to pay day.

Create a treasure hunt. Leave clues around making sure to hand him or her a card in the beginning with the first clue. You could sneak out and hide clues in the car, at the office or some other place he or she will need to go that day. Again, be creative and have fun with it. You could be the prize at the end of the treasure hunt.

Have a picnic in a romantic place. This could be the bedroom or living room if the kids are out. Make it romantic with candles and his or her favorite foods. Perhaps a movie the two of you have enjoyed together also.

Leave lip prints on every mirror he will pass during the day. On the first one you could leave a note that every time he sees your lips you will be thinking of him. Then make sure to kiss his rear view mirror and side view mirror on the car, Sneak a little mirror into his desk drawer and leave some lip prints there too. Choose his favorite color of lipstick to make it even more special.

Enlist a friend and set the scene. When he arrives home tell him you need him to help you and take him on a trumped up errand. If you can meet him at the door all the better and you could pre plan this. When you return from the “errand” have the table set with romantic candles, soft music playing and a nice dinner set out. Don’t forget to include a hand written valentine telling him what you think of him and what you want to do with him later that night.

Send him some e cards. You can send these out a week or so early and specify when you want them sent. Or you could send him one every hour if you have computer access all day long. Be sappy, romantic or funny and see what happens.

Give him an invitation for a date. Set a date when the kids will be busy doing other things and include dinner and a movie. If you can afford it perhaps you could make it a get a way and have a hotel reserved.

Make paper flowers and give him or her a bouquet. Include some pretty ribbons and tell him or her that you wanted the flowers to last forever so you chose these instead of live flowers. Don’t forget to include a valentine note or poem.

Write a letter telling him or her how much you love him or her and why. Be creative and try for 10 reasons or some other such number (perhaps one for every year you have known him or her).

Handwrite 12 valentines and tell him he can open one per hour during the day.

Whatever you choose you can be creative and not spend much if any money. Often the best memories are not the expensive gift but the fun that we have.


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