4 Excellent Work from Home Opportunities

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In this day and age with the economy so tight working from home is becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, so are scams. To avoid being scammed always check the company you are considering working for or with. Do some research and learn more about the company before you sign up. Never ever pay to work from home. The idea is that you make money, not that you fund someone’s scam that will leave you bankrupt and them with all your money and everyone else’s.

If you enjoy writing the following sites are great opportunities to work from home. You can work part time or full time and at your leisure. You can submit articles at anytime of the day or night and in some cases you can be paid within a few days. The more you write, the more you earn.

Ehow is a great site for earning money online. How to articles are written by their members from anything to how to clean your doorknob to how to enjoy Valentines day when you don’t have any money or a sweetheart. Earnings are updated every few days and if you have $10.00 in earnings by the end of the month you will receive them via pay pal the following month. Again, the more you write, the more you earn.

Associated Content is a great site for articles. They have a few different payment methods. The first is an upfront payment. If an article is accepted by the editors an upfront payment is offered. Payments range for .99 upwards to $20 depending on the content, grammar and other relevant information. In addition to an upfront payment (which is usually credited to your pay pal account within a few hours to 3 days after you accept their offer), you get page view payments. For every 1000 page views you earn $1.50. These add up fast and are paid out on a monthly basis. You can submit articles for either upfront payment or view only and earn page views. You will also earn page view payments on article that are submitted for upfront payments. In some instances you can also earn a “distribution payment” in which another online site pays you an additional sum to use your article on their site.

Helium is another awesome site. Helium has undergone some changes in its last 6 months that have made it more lucrative than ever. As soon as you earn at last 1 writing star you begin earning money on Helium. Earn $1 for every article you submit to empty titles. Earn from .50 to $2.50 for articles submitted in other specific titles. Earn badges for creative writing and a badge for the Premier Marketplace. They have also added a betaville zone area where you can connect with other writers on the site to earn even more revenue. Don’t forget to stop in at the forum and learn even more and share your opinion. Payout is via pay pal on a monthly basis providing you reach $25.00 in your account.

Triond is relatively new. Payout is very low in that once your earn .50 and the end of the month rolls around you will be paid via pay pal. However earnings on this site are very slow. Its great to get your name out there though and I have indeed made some great friends on this site. Since every penny counts these days I don’t discount it in spite of its slow earnings. They have made some great changes in the last year and they are continuing to upgrade. Hopefully in time they will have more opportunities to earn money. Articles are submitted and must be approved prior to publication. Articles must be original which also tends to make it more of a challenge as it seems nearly futile to give your good articles to a site that pays so little. I have on occasion rewritten other articles for this site. A well rewritten article can be edited into several articles if one works at it.

By writing for the above sites I have increased my income phenomenally. The more I write the more I see my income increase. I have more than doubled what I made 6 months ago. Try one or all to see what you can earn.


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