Where to Publish Your Writing Online

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With 2.6 million jobs lost in America this year alone, people with time on their hands are looking for a way to make it pay. If you have good writing skills, you can sell articles or make passive advertising revenue through use of Google AdSense. Here’s a review of where to publish online with the important points about each site. Only sites that are free to use were included.

Sell Articles


One good place to start writing online is at Textbroker. This unique site pays just a few dollars for a piece. Although the pay is low, this is one of the few places where you will get paid up front for your work. If your work receives a high rating from Textbroker’s staff, you are open to accept higher paying assignments. This site is open to US residents only.

Constant Content

Constant Content is a site that markets your writing. Constant Content takes a 35% commission when your article is sold. You can get $25 to $200 for a 500-word article, but don’t expect your work to sell unless you are writing to a title requested by a buyer. Random writing generally does not do well on this site.

Constant Content has a “three rejections and you are out” policy. For this reason, be sure to follow the submission guidelines carefully. Read how other writers are marketing their tiles before you submit so you will have a better chance at success.

Publish for Ad Revenue


One of the most fun places to write is Xomba. The site has an active and supportive community of writers. Even if your titles don’t rake in large amounts of cash there, you will have fun surfing the content posted there and enjoy the high level of international membership there.


Triond is a site that offers ad revenue sharing. They pay you 50% of the ad revenue your work generates. Articles published on Triond cannot be published on any other sites. In addition, you will have to wait for an editor to review your article before it is published. The turn-around time is not bad, only a few days. Your article will be published on one of Triond’s network pages where it will bring in ad revenue.

Hub Pages

Hub Pages is among the top 500 most popular English-Language pages on the web. This makes it a great place to showcase your writing. If your articles are good, there is a frequent stream of feedback from comments and readers, which is very gratifying. You can post articles that include photos, plus add revenue widgets from Amazon and EBay. The site offers several ad revenue streams for you to use on your pages.


Squidoo has been around for several years. It has a fun and friendly atmosphere. Entries you create are called lenses and you are encouraged to update them frequently. Squidoo is socially responsible in that 5% of the revenue generated goes to charity. 45% goes to Squidoo, and you collect the other 50%.

Article Codex

Article Codex is a very basic site. Although it is easy to publish on the site, it is not so easy to figure out what your revenue stream is. Unless you are a whiz with Google AdSense, it will be difficult to determine.

Share Your Expertise

Share Your Expertise is a bare bones site that has a benefit in that it automatically twitters your new posts. This is a great feature, but the remainder of the site lacks the tools writers need to track revenue.

Blogger Party

This website is fun and easy to use. It shares ad revenue like the others. The site is set up similarly to Xomba in that you can see who is online right now and what recent posts are available. The look is very basic, making it a little less fun than Xomba.


You are here. Bukisa is a relatively new site that is very easy to use and provides excellent statistic tracking on articles.  Traffic on the site is improving as time goes on.

Mint Articles

Mint Articles is a newer site.  The interface is easy to use and articles are approved quickly.  Responses to inquiries have also been very fast making Mint Articles a favorite new place to write.

Other Sites

There are several other sites where you can submit articles which will be posted after they are reviewed by an editor. They have not been reviewed in detail here because they have been slow to respond to submissions. The sites are: Speak About It and Print n Post.

Hybrid Sites

There are two sites that offer both a way to sell your writing and ad revenue. They are Associated Content and Helium, both of which have pros and cons.

Associated Content

Associated Content will pay you up front when you submit work that has not been published elsewhere. Associated Content will allow widely published content, but you must be certain you have used the same by-line (author name) wherever you have published or your work will be rejected. Through the use of “Calls for Content” Associated Content, you can accept assignments for upfront payment as well, then reap revenue rewards associated with that writing. This site is also in the top 500 English-Speaking websites.


The other hybrid site, Helium, offers a Marketplace where buyers post titles that they are seeking. You and the other writers on the site compete for winning the article, not by price bidding, but by writing the best article. It can be frustrating to write your heart out and lose the bid. If this happens, your article is then transitioned to the remainder of Helium where it can earn ad revenue. Constant Content has also taken up this model recently with mixed results for writers.


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