Becoming an Avon Representative

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Becoming an Avon Representative is really easy and exciting, having your very own business and setting your own hours can really seem like a good idea.
Becoming a representative for several business is different and varies from company to company at least for Avon I can share how you can become one.


Find someone from your hometown Ok here is the day when you decide you want to earn extra income and your mind pops AVON. First thing is first. You can choose many ways to join Avon, you can join Avon from anyone in the internet or just find someone near your home town and call or send email.
Goggle, once you have goggled this you can search for representatives from your home town.


Set your meeting with your manager You can also call your Avon local office and ask for your nearest Avon Manager.
Once you have found someone, they will set up a meeting with you to explain everything about Avon selling. They will share the brochures, how you fill in the order books, how you take your orders by using the number codes on each product, and how you can sell to your customers.


Create your customers list They will hand you a paper where you can make a list of at least 10 friends or family who can maybe one day become either your customer or a future recruit.


Ok your all set now you are ready to fill in your Avon Representative agreement form, and a payment of only $10.00 I mean who can beat that, having your own business for such a small fee is a huge success. The manager will leave a tote full of brochures, information and some samples ready for you to sell.


Have fun making your website Once you get home grab your agreement form and start working on your website, that is if you want to become an e-representative as well. This website has a fee of $7.50 a month but remember if you have at least one customer to purchase from you a month, this $7.50 is waived and your website is free.
Preparing your website is fun and you can add all the information you want, even a picture of yourself or your best product.


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