Directory of Breed of Dogs

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Directory of Breed of Dogs

This is less a directory of breed of dogs and more a directory of directories of breeds of dogs. There are so many different kinds of pure breed dogs. The following article references many different sites which offer directory of breed of dogs.

This site offers not only a directory of breed of dogs, but also a wealth of information on caring for your dog. This includes feeding, grooming, veterinary advice, dog health, allergies and more. They also offer many eBooks on various subjects in addition to an article database which is intended to provide all kinds of information about dogs and breeds of dogs.

This site is primarily a directory of Dog breeds. They offer an alphabetic list which you can click on to get more information. They also have a network of sites offering various information including photo and video galleries of dogs, funny dog stories and much, much more.

This site has some great tools for finding dogs, not just by breed, but also by size, activity level and temperament. They also have tools for purchasing and adopting dogs.

This is also a helpful directory of breed of dogs. They offer a list of breeds alphabetically and categorically so you can find all the information you need. When you select a type of dog, you get a picture and a wealth of information about the breed.

This site is yet another well organized directory which also offers a wealth of other information about breeds of dogs.


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