How to make jeans fit perfectly!

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First get your sewing machine ready with whatever thread you want. Turn your pants inside out. You will notice about half way down the front pocket there is a rivet. you need to start sewing just under that. You dont want to hit a rivet it will snap your needle. So adjust your pants on your machine. Start sewing as close to the seam and under the rivet as you can get and quickly start tapering to the desired width that you think you need. Usually about an inch or two. You can always adjust it later if its not enough. Its better to make it too small than too big. So start out small. Sew all the way down to the bottom of the pants. Dont be afraid of the hem on the bottom. You can adjust your width all the way down depending on how you like your pants to fit. That is the beauty of it. It might take a while to get the hang of it. But if you make a mistake you can get a seam ripper and take it out and start over.


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