B-Boy For PSP

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Advantages: great music soundtrack

Disadvantages: repetitive

After playing this game for several time this my personal review about this game

Gameplay 6.5
This game presents a single-player gameplay and multiplayer. In singles play it, gamers will be faced with a career mode with the name of Livin ‘Da Life. You will create your character and given the name “Custom” (Why cannot give the name for myself?). You can make up the characters you with a variety of ornamentals and a limited one. You can see if other characters have the appearance of more than okay. But? Characters you like it too simple

Once you design a character, you will start the story you as a candidate b-boy legend. In this game you will not be roving the streets the city to find other characters to defeated. You can access the wardrobe, PC (to check e-mail from the characters NPC), to try new moves that you can from which characters you defeated. Various movement break that you find in normal yea, from the top of rock, rock down, to a variety of power moves such as the windmill, swipe Flare or you can find in this game.

Control in this game is simple enough. As the music game that emphasizes the key adjust according meter, here you are required to press the button LR accordance with the rhythm and structure of various motion-b-boy movement to generate the highest value. For you who like playing games with similar gameplay, this game likely will not be difficult for you . In addition to a career mode, gamers can also try Arcade mode. In this mode you can try to fashion a number of characters to against the CPU.

Graphic 6
Graphic quality of this game looks standard size for PSP games. The appearance of the characters ala measure still can not fill this game with the same color as the b-boy street. Environment shown in this game is quite okay, although still less in the details. However, quite a number of significant loading seem to give a minus value at the time to play this game.

Sound 7.3
The sound quality? Because this game is a game that use music as one of the main strengths, the game is quite a plus in terms of sound. Music shown here generally show the flow of Reggae and pop. Songs such as the be-normal by the Black Eyed Peas, Cypress Hill, to BT Express is a dish that you can listen to play at this game.

Longevity & multiplayer 6.2
Seen from its longevity, the game is still not enough to make gamers like to play in this game for a long time. However, the longer you play, you will be more open about the move and also the new music. Gameplay is quite repetitive likely feel quite boring for gamers who are not so interested in breakdance. If you feel bored, maybe you can try the multiplayer mode for this game you play with other gamers. Multiplayer games can be played for 2 to 4 people with some fashion that can diperlombakan. Still feel bored, too? It seems the game is not the game you make the appropriate means …

Overalls 7
The idea is brilliant enough to introduce the gamer to breakdance. Obviously, you like in the break-loved watching people loved or-break can be welcomed by both these games, as well as my own. Unfortunately, this game still has not been presented with optimal enough. Gameplay is a bit too repetitive and boring does not seem to be able to make gamers seated like to play this game more than one-an-hour.

Summary: great game for break dance fans or even you are not


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