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 Making Money with Web-Trade-Hut

Human beings needs water in order to live. Likewise peoples around the world need money to live a successful life. In the current scenario many peoples are working with more than one job to make good money. There are two types of jobs available today. (1) Day Job and (2) Freelance. Day Jobs are routine 9 to 5 jobs and Freelance means work from home. Many people like the work from home outfit as it requires no strict timings. People can take their own time. They can set their mode of payment and they need not to work under any boss. Web-Trade-Hut is a nice work from home opportunity. It is a forum which pays money for posting contents. There are many tips and tricks using which anyone can make good money through Web-Trade-Hut website.


Web-Trade-Hut pays 8 cents for every thread and 6 cents for each valid reply. The users can only create atmost 4 threads per day. But there is no limitation as far as the reply is concerned. Users can reply to any number of threads. While providing reply forums posters must follow the rules in order to get paid. Otherwise they will not be paid.


There are many ways available to make money from Web-Trade-Hut. Some of them are discussed here.

(1) Provide More Reply

There is no restriction for providing reply. So to make more money users needs to post more reply.

(2) Join Groups

Groups are available in Web-Trade-Hut. Users can join any number of groups. The more number of groups provides more opportunities to earn.

(3) Referrals:

Referrals system available. So refer more people you will get % of their earnings. The more number of people you refer users will be more earnings.


Forum posters needs to follow certain rules in order to get paid by Web-Trade-Hut. The rules are as follows:

Per day a user can create only 4 threads or less.

  1. Users can reply to any number of threads.

  2. Reply must be 2 to 3 sentences long.

  3. Must not copy and post redundant content.

  4. Users must not use any abusive and objectionable words or contents.

  5. Users should not upload copyrighted content or materials.

By following all the above said rules anyone can make good money through Web-Trade-Hut.

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