Loosing Weight

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Aside from aerobics lessons, physical fitness sessions, and others, there are multiple ways to loose one’s weight. Proper diet and discipline contributes greatly in weight loss.

For those who are cutting down their food intake but continuously increasing weight, there must be something wrong with their routine. For example, people who eat little but eat junk foods frequently will not succeed in loosing weight.

The accustomed in-between meals also contribute a lot in weight gain especially when what they eat has a lot of carbohydrates.

1. Do not eat left-over foods. In households, mothers tend to finish the food that their children have left. The thought of food wastage makes mothers eat these left-over adding to the weight gain.

2. Do not indulge yourself to desserts. Sweet desserts are rich in calories but have low food value. Too much calories make someone bloat.

3. Avoid starvation. Do not starve yourself because you will tend to eat a lot when you are very hungry. It is always better to eat at the right time but less.

4. Make it a habit to eat breakfast. Healthy breakfast gives energy until the time you have to take your lunch. Those who do not eat breakfast always have to take in-between meals which also contribute to weight gain.

5. Burn calories. The food that you eat in a meal contains many calories. You have to move to burn these calories.

6. Exercise regularly. There are many records that can prove how many calories each exercise can burn.


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