Speed Racer: The Video game For Wii

Advantages: great tracks

Disadvantages: repetitive and boring

after watching the movie im looking for this game to play..this is my personal review…

Gameplay 6.5
The same as watching film, this game also show racing in the miraculous track. You will be racing at various unique tracks, with all kinds of obstacles. Start from the sharp corners, the acrobatic track, until the enemies are trying to hinder you a champion with a variety of ways. But, you can also use the car-fu to remove the enemies.
For example, you can skip the car and slam the enemy with your own Wii-Mote to your top. Then, your enemies can be delayed, or even out of the track. The use of the Wii-Mote as steering, used in this game. You will use the Wii-Mote shows a car wheel. Quit, but control less setirnya feel a little bit distressing because accurate set of maneuvers.
Fashion presented fairly simple and standard size for racing games, such as the Grand Prix and Time Attack. The characters presented here are still the same as the version that appears in the movie. More likely, and playable. From Speed, Racer X, Taejo, until the enemies are much less portion of the film. And the game also offers this feature in gameplay alliances. Overall, this game provides more racing, racing, and racing. So, you do not wonder if will feel repetitive.

Graphic 6.8
Nuance, which is displayed in this game is quite similar to the movie. Display tracks full of colors can be seen here. Overview of views, will feel the animated film. Framerate produced good enough. Unfortunately, the chart presented the game is still not make games for Wii and size variations of each track that can be played here have less visible characteristics. Glance, is similar tracknya dish-like and boring.

Sound 7
Sound?. BGM, which are in the game is able to make enough to bring gamers in the atmosphere like in the movie Speed Racer, a good movie, which also seriously. SFX game is also quite fit. Dialogue, dialogue in this game also represents a significant characters and the situation.

multiplayer 6
The racing game will usually feel more cool if played with friends. Same with the game-racing games in general, Speed Racer, also have a multiplayer mode to play together. Multiplayer mode is also not much different with the racing usually. So, you can prove more magnate from the other.

In My opinion 6
Rather repetitive and boring. That is my feeling when playing this game. The appearance of this game is that it is the same course. This, even though I know this racing game. However, the imaginative games like this should have a more diverse variants. For example, I can optimize the features of the Mach 5 / 6. Or offer a single mode that stand to make more than a grand prix or time Attack only. Overall, this game may be more feasible intended to die hard fans of Speed Racer.

Summary: Great for Speed Racer fans

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