How To Increase Site Traffic With Blog Carnivals

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Getting a blog is only a starting point, but how do you let people know about it?  Blog carnivals are an excellent way to promote your blog or website and bring new visitors.

What Is A Blog Carnival?

A blog carnival is where you get to show your blog content. A carnival is a collection of blog posts around a theme. In most cases you submit your own posts to the carnival or carnivals. There are carnivals for everything, it seems – dogs, cats, the kitchen sink, family life.

Posting Your Content

Submit it to the blog carnival of your choice, but make sure the content is appropriate. Almost all the carnivals have rules about what they will and will not accept and the age of the blog post. The best place to start is, which has a comprehensive list of blog carnivals (more than 6,000 of them). You can search by theme or browse a list to find the carnivals that are appropriate for your blog. 

You will need to give the URL and title of your blog post and some information about yourself on a simple one page form. Then submit and wait for the carnival to be published. These are usually hosted on different blogs, exposing your blog content to a wide audience. 

How Blog Carnivals Build Traffic

Once you’ve submitted your post, whoever is hosting the carnival does a roundup of the posts. An email is then sent out to all participants to let them know the carnival has been posted. Submission to blog carnivals can get new attention for old blog posts. It’s also a good idea to put something fresh on your blog on the day the carnival is published so that new visitors can see that you have a high quality, regularly updated blog.

Another option is to host a blog carnival. This means reading and summarizing all the blog posts submitted. That will bring even more traffic to your site.

More Benefits Of Blog Carnivals

Another benefit of blog carnivals is that they can tell you who else is posting similar material and give you new blogs to visit. The more blogs you visit and comment on, the more comments and visits your own blog will attract. Seems like a good deal to me.


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