No More Heroes For Wii

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Advantages: funny characters, the cinematic battle, and the coolest moment of movement

Disadvantages: gameplay too repetitive and sometimes absurd

Lets see my review after playing this great game…

Story 8
This game about Travis Touchdown, an otaku living in a dirty motel with the name NO MORE HEROES. Youth are often playing video games and anime collection is to get a weapon like beam from the online auction, and when he does not currently have the money to buy a game, he received a bid to become HITMAN. The first target of Travis Helter Skelter, which is also known as the Drifter, and Travis make a success he is in a position 11 in the United Assassins Association, an organization Assassin. Travis finally realize that he is now a target Assassin others who also want a higher position. And finally Travis must continue to fight for the highest position in this organization.

Gameplay & Graphic 7
In this game will find 10 people Assassin other positions above you. And there are people who can arrange for you to put-off in a legitimate position in the organization Assassin. Travis also have the option to make buying and upgrading weapons, training combo, or increase stamina and health points. Maneuvers, techniques, and new moment can also be learned as Travis, so this game as a semi-RPG.
Well, the story is not so complicated. You only work for the organization fight against other men, may bid for work, and rights can create another challenging Assassin. And besides RPG elements, gameplay here there are also elements of the open world that resembles Grand Theft Auto, which can explore the city of Santa Destroy, shopping, exercise, and other stories with the base action.
Unfortunately, for almost the size of the game fell to the genre of open world, No More Heroes have many shortcomings. For example, which often framerate drop, a rare event NPC, and colors that taste rather monoton. You also often hit the wall which is not visible, because in some places you can not go forward at all. Control their own motorcycle Travis also quite busy and sometimes distressing.
But it’s not all. The most distressing here is failing completed the mission, the mission is often missing from the map and can not be repeated. And sometimes there is also the mission objectives have a very difficult. There is one mission where you must fight a group alley and can not be the same at once. When mission failed the option to retry does not exist.
When you have enough money to make a put-off to reach the position, the game is so cool. Battle in this game can be similar to Final Fight or Streets of Rage, where you can control Travis to perform various movements that cool. The Battle fast and sadistic.Boss character in this game have the artistic design, with a little touch of anime, and seem strange. Often I play this game for the boss of the design and appearance is not presumed. Super strange, and I’m happy if can be defeated. Hmmm … This could be a make No More Heroes success.

Sound 8
Music is quite okay with the style of the Retro-old school. Sound effects are also good with a mix of classic and modern. If created a CD, I would buy.

My Opinion 8.5
No More Heroes able to provide an atmosphere of contention that fast, funny characters, the cinematic battle, and the coolest moment of movement. In addition, the interface is funny cause I often laugh. Furthermore Retro-plus songs with graphic cel-shading style anime give the feel of the classic but cool. This is why No More Heroes have something other than the other. In addition, the stories that have a touch of style and anime characters, so this is very otaku give nuance No More Heroes such as reading manga. Even the mode gameplay too repetitive and sometimes absurd. This game is Cool!

Summary: COOLLL!!!


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