Delicious and cheap lentil soup

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Do you know that the lentil soup is healthy and everybody can enjoy preparing it because it is not difficult to prepare this delicious soup. This is one of the cheapest recipes I can offer to you. The time for preparation is about an hour and 15 minutes. It serves 5-6.

2 cups of lentil
5-6 tablespoons oil
3 onions
8 garlic cloves
½ cup of carrots
8 cups of water
1/2 cup of red tomatoes (grated and peeled )
1 green pepper
1 table spoon red pepper powder
some parsley (chopped)
salt to taste

Method of preparing:
You have to pour some water into a sauce pan. Preheat the water. Wash the lentil seeds and put them into the water. Boil for 30 minutes. Meanwhile you have to chop the onions and the green pepper finely as well as the carrots and the onion. Wash and peel the tomatoes. Then grate them. After 30 minutes of boiling the soup you can add the carrots. Continue cooking. If there is a need you can add water. Later on you can add the green pepper, the garlic cloves and the salt to taste. Sprinkle the red pepper powder. When the soup is almost ready you can add the tomatoes and sprinkle the parsley. Add the oil. If you want you can place your soup into a mixer, mix all the ingredients and prepare the soup as a puree. So, it is very suitable for small children and even for babies. My friends like eating both kinds of soup. Try both of them and decide which one you like best. Enjoy!


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