Finding “Your” Church…

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     PRAY! If you do not have a church you are a member of, or if you are member but you feel the need to search for something more out of your church, your first step is to pray. Ask God for what you desire in “your” church. Only you & the Lord can fill those life questions. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask Him for some specifics. An active youth ministry? A pastor who is accessible to His congregation? A church that shows “real” love towards one another? Let your requests be made known unto God.

     BE ALERT! Listen for hints from God through others about “your” church. Be aware when people speak about their church ministries or groups. God will start to open your ears to people speaking about events or services involving thier particular church home. Ask questions when the opportunity presents itself. How personable is your pastor? How relevant are his sermons? What is your youth ministry doing this month? We have not because we ask not, so ask away!

     FOLLOW-UP! There will come a point when you will be led to follow through with one of the recommondations you’ve encoutered during your research. Perhaps someone invited you to a service or special function sponsored by that church. Trust what the Spirit of God is showing you. If you are curious about a church, go visit during a normal service. I would recommend that you attend at least one worship service as well as one Bible study. “Your” church should be able to satisfy your spiritual person through worship as well as study. One without the other may leave you lacking in a particular arena of your life.

     FOLLOW-THROUGH!  If you are comfortable with all that is happening in that particular ministry, then follow through with your act of obedience to God. Every church has its issues, but the overall spirit of the church should supercede any flaws or circumstances. You should feel like a part of an extended family in regards to “your” church. Go ahead and make it known that you have found “your” church!


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