Excite Truck For Wii

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Advantages: Solid gameplay and control

Disadvantages: can be little bit boring

Ever play the Excitebike game in the NES? In that game we play as a motorcycle racer and we can also create their own circuit complete with various obstacles, bumps and sand field. This game is look same for me…

Graph 7
Have ever seen a game PGR 3 in Xbox360, or PS3 in Motorstorm? If you are, you will not interesting to see Excite Truck graph. This game Graph only at the top of the charts in the Xbox racing game. Although the track where we go dirender truck with a good, but detailed texture is low. Example effects, drop rain, Tornado (yeah, this is the game with Tornado) and so impressed minimal. Physic in this game can also be standard and far below the racing game in the PS3 or Xbox360.

Sound 7
Sound and music aspects of Excite Truck is normal, but not bad at all. Sound truck that reversed, or sinking into another truck sounds fit in the ear. Sound machine that we make roar when the turbo-jumping later tuneful (huh?). About the music, Excite Truck is not Need For Speed decorated various cool and popular songs. With songs are quite vibrant, we will not be headed to play this game.

Gameplay 9
Graphs and sound may be standard, but the gameplay Excite Truck deserve thumbs up. Made it very easy to control, rely on Wiimote. By holding the Wiimote horizontally, we just press the button 2 and go fast. To divert trucks, we just go to the left or right. Less fast? Want to turbo? just pressing the arrow keys (directional button). But don’t be overheating.

Although this racing game, you need not become a champion 1 or 2 or 3 to pass to the next stage. This is the core of the game to collect as many points. Each circuit has a quota of points that must be met. If you have to meet quotas that are listed, you are considered to have been completed although the circuit is in even rank 6.
You can get points by doing a turbo-jumping, jumping combo, tricks Spin 360/720 degrees, an opponent, driving in between the trees, and others. Of course, to be in the 1 will produce a lot of points, namely 50 points (so it must still be champion 1 if you want to points as much as possible to get the score ‘S’, I).

What is it? Of course not. Racing in this game is very exciting and a glimpse similar to the game Burnout. Trucks that we use will fly to the scene. Turbo jumping tricks that are required if you do want to become a champion, or as much as possible. In addition, there are also various items with the usefulness of each. There are items that work to make us invulnerable and trucks can chop the trees and trucks with easy opponent. There are items that can change the form of the circuit so that our competitors will be to air it. There are items that work to activate the ring that will add to our points if we succeed truck jump into the ring (Like Sonic???).

Boring with race? Please try Challenge mode. In this mode there are 3 types of games that can be tested. The first is passing through its gates as soon as possible. The second ring to collect as much as possible. The third is the most exciting, the search and trucks beat up opponents.

However, this game also has a weakness. We drive trucks, but somehow I felt the truck is very weak. If a hita few opponents, trucks will be reversed. Hit the trees, the truck will be reversed. Even the rucks in this game that looks strong, they should be a little more respite. In addition, the mode multiplayernya will feel lonely because there was only us and our friends. No other trucks.

Longevity 7
Excite Truck complete and open all the trucks and other circuits do not take long. That will make you play this game repeatedly ambition is to reach a score of ‘S’ in all the circuits and open the Super Excite mode. If you are not interested in the second case, the time has come to play a new game.

My opinions 8
Draft to be good enough. Racing action also cool. With the gameplay and control of solid, Excite Truck feasible played by Wii owners. This games have weakness, but if you are open minded and want to go new things, this game will not disappointing.

Summary: great game


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