Resident Evil: Deadly Silence For Nintendo DS

Advantages: Great sound and gameplay

Disadvantages: poor multiplayer mode

Graphics: (8 / 10)
DS can show the graph is quite good as the PS1 version of it. Ability graph DS better than PS1 Modeling visible in his character that consists of more polygons from the previous. You can see Jill or Chris, who face more rounded instead blocky. Pre rendered background is the same as PS1 version with some changes to be adjusted with a new puzzle. FMV Quality want to be the size of High Quality for the DS.
Not only that, Jill and Chris also have the zombie few additional new animation. Jill and Chris move more subtle and natural as people, unfortunately, still remain only ungainly like robots. Zombie is now added Dead Crimson Zombie moving more quickly than the usual zombie and some other new additions. Overall ability to acquire 3D DS enough exploitation in this game, although still below the standard DS.

Sound: (9 / 10)
Again … same with PS1 version, except with a few changes in dialogue. Music is still exactly the same as the first class and eerie in some cases as well as sound effect, that details such as differences in sound character steps foot above the floor, wood or carpet. I give the value of 9 because of the surround sound can help you determine the location of enemy positions. DS sound capability is used very well in this game. Dialog is also clearly audible and not heard, such as compression.

Gameplay: (8 / 10)
Not many changes to gameplay in this game. You are still using the DS to play this game. There are 2 modes you can play: Rebirth mode and Classic mode. In Rebirth mode, some puzzles that require extra to use touch screen, the additional new 1st person Knife Battle at the time you meet the enemy.
Knife Battle is randomly appear in this mode so you will not ever know when to appear. In this mode you only use a knife to chop out the zombie, and dog hunter even the boss Giant Snake!
Touch screen features are also used in me manage the items that you get during the play. Microphone to help give CPR to Richard and also to some puzzles. Meanwhile, in Classic mode, you coverflow exactly like the original gameplay with more focus to the action of the puzzle as a rebirth.
How about the multiplayers? Well one of the attraction in buying this game is you can slaughter sentient creature, one of the results of this experiment rollicking with your friends. There are 2 modes, the competition and co-operative, in the competition you have to compete with who was out of the mansion and collect points and the most time. Co-operative that you work with your colleagues to solve puzzles, fight enemies together to be able to exit intact but with caution, health status of your share with colleagues so you have to really work together if you want to survival. Unfortunately you can not see the character of the players in this mode, only the other players described the move as a star in each of the players screen, limitations of the DS is still a constraint in this case, but who CARE anyway. This mode is not that great.
Fashion’s most interesting here is the Master of Knifing, here for survival, you may also collect and score as many in-person 1st Battle mode.

Longetivity: (8 / 10)
Many of the Warlock can in this game. Finish every game in this fashion to open a secret character in multiplayer. The duration of time needed to complete the game in this fashion each about 3 to 4 hours. If you are already familiar and knows the direction of the road, also 1 hour is enough. You can also get the Rocket Launcher and new clothes to change the mode in the Rebirth and Classic mode. There are 6 to 9 ending that you can see depends on how you coverflow. Master of Knifing fashion enough to make you addicted to try to continue to achieve the score possible. Point additional replay value in this is a multiplayer game that played quite well together.

My Opinions (8 / 10)
TRUE to the game Resident Evil portable, this is a good result. Controlling play this game in the DS as you get used to. Nintendo DS features unique to the game just kind of RE. What is worth or not to buy this new game? My suggestion … wait a second goods. But if you want to Resident Evil, which can be taken to every where like me, I think this is worth to buy.

Summary: great game

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