Are You In An Abusive Relationship?

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1. Withholds approval, appreciation, or affection as punishment.

2. Continually criticizes you, calls you names, and shouts at you.

3. ignores your feelings.

4. Has been excessively jealous, harasses you about imagined affairs.

5. Ridicules or insults your beliefs, your religion, and your race.

6. Manipulates you with lies and contradictions.

7. Insists you dress the way they want.

8. Insults or drives away your friends and family.

9. Takes car keys or money away from you.

10. Subjects you to reckless driving.

11. Locks you out of the house.

12. Throws objects at you.

13. Punches, shoves, slaps, bites, kicks, chokes, or hits you.

13. Rapes you.

14. Threatens to hurt or kidnap your children if you leave.

15. Threatens to kill you or your children.

16. Leaves you stranded in dangerous or unsafe places.

B. It is child abuse if it is a child:

1. A child who has been abandoned.

2. A child without parental control.

3. A child whose parents are unable to take responsibilities.

4. A child who has been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused or sexually exploited.

5. A child who has been knowingly placed in a life-endangering situation, tortured, cruelly confined, or cruelly punished.


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