Ridge Racer For PSP

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The first match I ever played on ps1 was Ridge Racer – I loved the “drift” style of the great races and Soundtrack! Fast forward 10 years – and Ridge Racer is available for a brand new PSP handheld.

In Fact, this game is visually stunning. it’s crazy fun! In the rush you get past muscling all the other cars to win a really difficult race and appear to advocate for one of the “World Tour” is umatched circuits in the second game! The adrenaline flows like your engine noise, music pumps, you fly above the goal as the announcer Rushing, “great BABY!” This game is nirvana race … on the PDA, not less.

It has a lot of unlocks available in the game, too – new cars, upgrades, songs, special vehicles, a new kinematics. This holds for you, something many hours of play – and if you’re bored, hook up to 8 friends competing for wireless games.

The graphics are a little short on PS2 quality, and the framerate never dips below the buttery smooth. Wide aspect screen on the PSP seems more fun to watch your car flying around a detailed songs with sunsets, sunrises, airplanes overhead …

In My opinions this is what I call the race game. This is what Need for Speed had to do. good sound, great grahics and fun way race. That does not mean that the milkrun, you serous concentration become number one. but cars, tracks, etc., it’s all worth the trip. To find this a lot. WipEout advantage over the WipEout error is usually fatal, here you have a chance, if the error was not severe. But some traces can be forgiven.


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