How to Choose a Portable Heater

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The problem is finding a portable heater to fit your needs and do what you want it to. There’s a number of things that must be considered before you purchase your portable heater so you can get the best heater for your needs. Including fuel source and how easy it is to move around. Below are some more consideration to take into account before you purchase that heater.

How easy is it to move?
Obviously, one of the main advantages that a portable heater has is the fact that it’s portable. You need to consider how much and how often you will be moving it from place to place. Think about how much it will be used and how often you will have to move it. If you are planning on leaving it in the same location all the time then this want effect you.

Do I need electric or fuel source?
Your heater will require fuel or power in order to produce heat, and this should be taken into consideration. If you are going to use your heater where electricity is available then a corded heater might do just fine.

However, if you are going to be using it where there is no electricity then you will need to consider a propane or other source of power heater. Make sure the heater you choose will work where and when you need it to, and that the cost to keep it running won’t break the bank.

How will it be setup?
After you have figured out which heater will best serve your needs you need to figure out how easy it is to set up. Some heaters are place where you want it and turn on but many require some type of mounting etc.

You need to figure out how much trouble it is to set up for operation based on the fuel source, physical size of heater, mounting (if needed), time to get heater started and how long it takes before you are producing heat.

How much heat will it produce?
Make sure the heater you have chosen is the right size for the job. Most heaters have recommendation on how much area they will heat. You need to consider BTU rating. In general, the higher the BTU the more heat it will produce.

Where will I store it?
Take in to consideration where you will store the heater during the times of the year it will not be needed. Make sure you have enough room in a garage or storage to put it and also where it will not get damaged during this storage time before it’s pulled out again next season.

While I’m sure they are more things to consider, these will get you on the right track when you begin your search for your portable heater.


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