How to Make More Money From Your Home

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  • Whenever you find yourself talking to yourself, write it down without editing. Notice what you are saying to yourself.

  • Pay close attention to the tone of what you are saying. You may be saying positive words in a sarcastic tone of voice. Don’t talk yourself out of good ideas.

  • Take a few minutes to concentrate. Breathe deeply and tune out the noise around you. You will better hear what you are feeding your mind. What is in your home that you can sell or do to Make More Money right from your home.

  • Ask your friends what they think about certain ideas. They don’t have to know why you are asking. Million dollar ideas may even come from a saying that you hear a child say.

  • Do you dream? Concentrate on what your dream was about. Can you put it on paper?

  • Concentrate on your experiences. Can you tell it to others? Sell it to others?

  • Begin with one major idea or a small idea. Is it beneficial to others? Even if it is beneficial to one person, then it is beneficial to others.

  • Be patient and consistent, and you will come up with that MORE MONEY idea.


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