How to start your own cleaning company

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First go down to your local clerks office and get a business license for your business. They will ask you how much do you think you will be making in the first year, go for the least amount possible because your answer to this will determine how much your cost is for the business license. It is a good idea to have business insurance to protect yourself and your clients.

Order your business cards. To keep your cost down you can order from They offer 250 free business cards and you pay for the shipping. I have never paid for my business cards because I order the free 250 each time I need more. You can do this again and again. I have also ordered a free shirt and hat for my business with the logo I created by using vista print. You can also make your own business cards on your computer but I feel that you can get a much more professional card done at vista.

Pass out as many business cards as possible. Go to local doctor’s office, hair salons, dentist’s offices, daycare and banks. If you think they need to be cleaned then approach them. The more business cards you give out the greater your chances will be to get that first client. This is where your eagerness to succeed comes into play. At first I would find that they already had a cleaning company. I began noticing that when I would go in and just introduce myself and say I would like to give you my business card to keep on file. They would be more receptive. I would ask them if they were happy with their present cleaning company. If they say yes I would say Great! Do you mind keeping my card on file in case anything changes? They always say yes. If they say No they aren’t happy than there is your opportunity and if they say they don’t have a cleaning company you can say have you considered having someone come in to clean?–This starts your conversation.

Once you get that first client the rest because easier. You will set up the day that you will clean and come in with your cleaning supplies. Most offices are cleaned at night so you don’t have to quit your day job. Having another source of income makes it easier while building your clientele. You can do it!


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