Daxter For PSP

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Daxter is hands down the best PSP-to-date offers. Some critics of the system May I think that it is a great compliment, they should also admit that this title is high quality, offer a range of new capabilities for the system.
As for the graphics, it is safe to say that this is the best game ever developed manually. Not only extensive use of color and shading Shots look more visually impressive, but it’s not visible with the slowdown, and all the seamless movement of nature. Luke City looks equally good as the PSP, because in every console version of the series.

The sound is great. Music and dialogue are of high quality with professional voice actors are used. Max CASSELLA of Doogie Houser voice, the title character, a less known talent also gives a great performance. May sound effects are of high quality and perfectly synchronized with the action, sometimes rare, even for a game console.
The controls are very sensitive, and the camera is running in this game than in any other PSP offers. In case of difficulties in implementing the jump may be related to the platform gameplay, and not as a result of poor depth perception or the angle of the camera.

The gameplay is also perfectly executed. The platform was level at times challenging, but they are well designed. Infinite life and frequent checkpoints relieve frustration many gamers suffering during platformers. And the gameplay is more like Jak and Daxter: The precursor Legacy of the last two (or three if you count Jak X) episodes of the series, and uses a similar platform and aspects of the race.

The long single-player campaign, complete with a ridiculous dream sequence of mini-games based on popular movies (such as Matrix and Indiana Jones), to give gamers a good deal for their money. The fact that different areas levels can be accessed with the skills acquired during the game he is worthwhile to renegotiate all areas of the game, which makes it a lot of value again.

The only parts of games I did not enjoy absolute are choosing mini-games and challenges that require timed button (think DDR) filled. However, parts of these games are designed and expertise that it would be unfair of me to knock developers to perfectly executed aspects of the game that are not only my personal preferences.

In my opinions, this is a title for your own sea anyone who possesses the PSP. Even if this is not your favorite personal style of game, all gamers have long developers for raising bar for all future PSP titles. This game really shows what the Sony portable system is able, should stimulate a lot of quality titles in the future.


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