Guide to Omega 3 for beauty.

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Omega 3 is found in flax seed and cold water fish. Many generations past may be familiar with consuming their fish oil daily in a liquid form. This form of omega 3 provided the body with much  neeeded healthy fats, but did not taste good at all. Modern technology allows for pharaceutical grade fish to taste great. Here are a few tips to help you use omega 3 for beauty.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements come in many different forms. You can consume Omega 3 fish oil in convient capsules or in a portable liquid form. Fish oil is beneficial when taken throughout the day with a healthy diet. Be sure to drink eight to ten glasses of liquid, preferably water. Most supplements work effectively when you are not dehydrated.


Consuming Omega 3 supplements can help your hair to grow thicker, longer, and faster. Pharametical grade fish oil can help with memory, thinking, and having a better functioning  brain. Other sources of omega 3 is flax seed oil. Consuming a teaspoon of flax seed oil each day can help your skin to glow. Flax seed oil is a great alternative source of omega 3 for vegans and vegetarians.  It is best to keep liquid form flax seed oil in the refrigerator. If you have purchased whole flax seeds, use a coffee grinder to freshly grind before using. Grinding up a large batch, of flax seed may turn rancid before you have a chance to use it.

Use flax seed oil and omega 3 fish oil to have glowing skin. Continued use of omega 3 supplements can help your long term memory, and help you to have lustrous hair.


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