Relax Homeschooling is Fun and Educational

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A relaxed attitude toward learning is key to successful teaching. Realize that learning is a gradual process and there are many different ways to learn . The goals of learning should be one of “improvement and progress” not stressful demands for perfection.

It is important to understand your childs strengths and weaknesses. If your child loves to build things, you wouldn’t want him sitting for hours learning from worksheets. On the other hand, if your child loves to read, you might choose a more traditional style of learning. The “MultiSensory” approach is ideal for teaching many and varied concepts in one lesson.

One example of “MultiSensory” learning is found in a cooking lesson. The concepts of fractions, addition, subtraction, mixing, solutions, cause and effect, are all concepts related to Math and Science . Nutrition can also be discussed as you and your child cook together.

Have your child keep a “Cooking Journal” this is good for writing skills. The journal entry can be as simple as “What I cooked today” or as detailed as your childs imagination. You may also want to take pictures of your child cooking to be used for other creative projects. Above all, have FUN as you and your child learn together.


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