Border Collies:

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Boder Collies are a hyper active breed originating along the border of Scotland and England. Hence the name, They are said to be extremely smart, and they love to work. Border Collies were orginally bred to herd sheep and other animals, they use several ways to get them to move including staring and nipping at the heels of whatever is moving. As with all dogs they will take advantage of children randomly sneeking their snacks etc.

Boder Collies are also very attached to their masters, and will try to get to them however they can if they are not distracted by something. There have been cases where border collies if left unattended will tear the siding off homes or exavate the yard. Border Collies can jump fences easily and can open door so watch out.

Border Collies also need alot of exercise so they don’t get destructive, socks,shoes, and chuncks on wood of any kind will fall victim the dog doesn’t get out enough. Also, border collies are extremely territorial at times and may bark outside in the yard almost not stop when they see something get to close. They will also pull relentlessly on the leash and can slip out of collar in no time flat. So you will need to aquire a harness at the least.

Some common ailments that they get are Hip Displasia and Seizures. Hip Displasia can only be found in a dog after he or she is two years old. Most breeders are able to keep seizures to a minimum through the blood lines of the animals. Please read up on the subject and ask your Vet if you have any questions.

All in all these dogs can be quite a handful, but if they are taken care of well these little balls of energy will bring you 11 or so years of happiness.


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