How to Download Free Movies and Watch Your Favorite TV Show Online

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ABC_Thumb.jpg Network Television
Most major networks provide full-length archived episodes online. Typically you can just navigate to a major network home page and look for a link at the top, left side, or bottom called “Watch Full Length Episodes”. Some favorites are ABC, NBC, and FOX.

 nfl_Thumb.jpg Sunday Night Football
NBC broadcasts Sunday Night Football Live in collaboration with the National Football League.

 hulu_Thumb.jpg Hulu is a great online resource where you can watch full-length movies and television shows and clips as well. The quality is great and works well with a 5mbps broadband connection. Additionally, you can sign up and select your favorites shows and Hulu will add new shows to your list when the major networks make them available. This really is my favorite one-stop-shop for my favorite movie or tv show.

netflix_Thumb.jpg Netflix, Netflix, Netflix!
If you already subscribe to one of the Netflix packages other than the basic, you can watch movies online as well (instantly). Netflix has a database of over 12,000 movies to choose from. The quality of the movies is great, but you need a broadband connection faster than 5mbps to fully enjoy the experience.

 tvoncomputer_Thumb.jpg To get the most out of watching movies or television shows online, consider ways to connect your computer to your high definition television (HDTV), such as your plasma television or LCD TV. This allows you to watch movies and shows through your computer from the comfort of your own couch.


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