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Christian is back to his old self again. After getting his breast implant after his mastectomy, he sleeps with about five different girls and actually catches him in the act. Of course Christian says that he never told her that their relationship was monogamous. I was surprised to hear her say that she wasn’t mad about that but that she didn’t want her nose rubbed in it, considering he had invited her over for dinner.

I think that Liz is sort of heart broken and things are tense at work. When she went over to talk to him she was walking out on him after she told him how she felt and she was so close to the door. I kept saying just walk away don’t look back walk away. Christian says her name and she stops. I wanted her to walk out but she decided to stay. It never fails Christian knows how to make a woman crazy. A client that comes in for surgery is a young man and an older woman, apparently they were just married.

She was his teacher from elementary school and when he got older they fell in love. She was arrested for rape and he was ordered to stay away from her. She got out of prison on good behavior, but could not stay away from him. Since she was a convicted sex offender she was being watched and they got caught having sex and she ended up finishing her sentence. After she was released they went to the courts to have the order lifted so that they could see each other and since he was 18 they granted it. They wanted him to have plastic surgery so that he would look older since no one was taking them seriously and giving them strange looks and making comments about them. Gee I wonder why. Anyway, Sean and Christian were hesitant on doing the surgery but they did it. When they were finished he looked a lot older.

His father and his younger brother had come to see him, his mother refusing. I have to say they did a really good job on the surgery he did look a lot older. Later on we see him coming home from work and when he goes upstairs he opens the bedroom door and what do you think he sees? His wife having sex with his younger brother, I have to say I was not surprised by this and actually saw it coming. All I can say is that she is a child molester and should go back to prison where she belongs.

This episode also had Matt struggling with medical school. He had decided to go to medical school after his rehab stint and recovering from his burns. Now Matt has not made many smart decisions, like sleeping with a transsexual, and having sex with his half sister, marrying Kimber, and having a baby with her and getting addicted to crack and while trying to shoot up he ends up blowing himself up and getting burns on his face. So now he is in medical school and he just can’t do it, he cannot cut open a pig he doesn’t know what he is doing. He was being tutored by the new intern at McNamara/Troy.

Raj is superbly smart and belongs in medicine. Raj goes over and when Sean comes home Matt still hasn’t shown up yet, he and Raj go out for a bite to eat. They end up bonding over dinner talking about Sean’s relationship with Matt and Raj with his father. Matt calls Sean while they are out and Sean told him where they were and Matt had offered to join them but Sean hung up on him. Matt seemed a little jealous that he was spending time with Raj. Sean doesn’t feel as close to Matt as he would like and wants to have a better relationship with him, he just doesn’t know how he is going to do it. Raj’s father has put so much pressure on him to be the best and Raj is very anxious.

Raj’s father paid a visit to the office wanting a penis enlargement and wants Raj to perform the surgery. Raj had already helped with Christian’s implant, but didn’t tighten the stitches enough and his implant ends up moving, while he was having sex, very hilarious. Raj doesn’t want to perform his father’s surgery, and tells him so but his father wouldn’t hear any of it.

Matt and Raj meet up later and end up bonding with each other as well, by sharing their stories about their fathers and sexual experiences and smoking pot. Raj admitted to letting a man who he thought was a woman give him oral sex, which is the only form of sex he has had. Matt admitted to sleeping with the transsexual. After a few minutes of silence Raj asks Matt to come over to his side of the car.

I was wondering where this was going. Matt gets out of the truck walks over to the other side and looks at Raj with a puzzling look. Raj tells Matt that he needs to get out of medicine and he only sees one way. He puts his hand on the on the side of the truck and tells Matt to slam the door on it. Matt says that he couldn’t do that, but Raj insists that he needs his help to do it.

He starts yelling at Matt telling him what a failure he is and just making fun of everything that he found out about him. With one quick move Matt slams the door on his hand. Oh my God how painful that had to have been. The next scene they show Raj on the table and Sean trying to repair his hand.

After the surgery Sean tells Matt that Raj will be fine but will never have the full function of his hand again, and asked about what happened and why he would do it with all the potential he had. Matt just said sometimes people are just looking for a way out. Matt and Sean are walking out when he tells his dad that he wants to quit medical school. He claims that ever since Sean was on Hearts and Scalpels that he thought he wanted to be a doctor, but come to find out he thinks he wants to be an actor. Sean just puts his arm around him and says let’s see what we can do to make that happen.  I guess we will see how that goes on the next episode.


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