The Breakup Rules that Every Woman Needs to Know

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Breaking up is hard to do. Or so the song goes. In this world where we women are supposed to do and handle everything without breaking a sweat it seem that a breakup is supposed to follow suit. If the relationship that you  are working through a breakup from was more then a casual fling, you are going to need a way to get through the heartache and emotional baggage that comes with a breakup. That is why there are the breakup rules.

Breakup Rule One

Avoid any place where you may run into your ex for at least two weeks after the event. There needs to be a window of time between the actual breakup and any interaction that you may have with him. Emotions will be running very hot and high post breakup. There is a possibility that you will do or say things that you will later regret if you do not follow this window of time.

Breakup Rule Two

Make sure that every time that you leave the house that you are dressed nicely and your hair and makeup are done. There is no way to tell when and where you will see your ex after the breakup. Many women have said that it was the one time that they left the house in their wash day sweats that they saw him. Do not fall into this trap.

Breakup Rule Three

Get rid of all evidence of the relationship. Any pictures, clothing, or any other item that could bring back warm feelings about the relationship need to be gone from sight. The best option is to throw these things out. If throwing the item out is not an option, then place it in the back of your closet or attic where you will not be able to look at it. To get past a breakup, you need to get rid of all feelings that keep you remembering the happy times of the relationship.

Breakup Rule Four

If you must turn to something to help you through your breakup let it be your friends. Many women turn to food or shopping to feel better about their breakups. These are both options that will end up bad in the end for you. Your friends are there to support you through whatever may happen in your life. Lean on your friends during your breakup and let them guide you back to your happy life.


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