How long do you cook a medium steak?

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How long do you cook a medium steak?

A medium steak is often considered to be the most desired state, but most people cannot cook it this way. The vast majority of people will actually overcook it. The following article will tell you how long to cook a medium steak.

It is not actually possible to answer the question of, “How long do you cook a medium steak?” for many reasons. Many people have a misconception about what a medium steak actually is. A medium steak will have a thick pink strip in the middle with a glossy looking center. If it is too red and juicy, it is undercooked and if it is only pink with no glossiness, then it is overcooked.

Usually you will cook a medium steak for about six or seven minutes on medium/high heat. This varies greatly depending on your climate and the actual system you are cooking on (ie. skillet vs. barbeque). For this reason, it is best to be able to figure out how well done the steak is without having to time it.

First make sure your pan, barbeque or oven is up to temperature. Then put the meat on. Cook it on one side for about four minutes, give or take a minute depending on the thickness of the steak. Then flip it. Now tough the steak with your finger to see how firm it is. To cook a medium steak, you need a medium firmness. You can find medium, but making a fist with one hand, tucking your thumb inside you fist. If you squeeze tight and then press on the muscle at the base of your thumb it will be pretty hard. This is well done. If you let your hand go limp and press the muscle, this is rare. If you find a middle tension, this is medium.

If that is not good for you, use a meat thermometer. Steak is medium at 160 degrees. You should pull it off at 150-155 and let it rest though. It will pick up 5-10 degree while it rests. Make sure you test the meat in the center.

Congratulations! You now know how to cook a medium steak!


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