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Do you make eHow money? You’ve probably visited at some point for its awesome content, but you might not know that this informative site has a potentially lucrative revenue-sharing compensation program and an active social network community to boot.

Many eHow users each have hundreds (or in a couple cases, 1,000+) articles to their names. While user submissions vary in quality, much of the content is well-written and informative. Some is really unique and timely, and you never know what you’ll find — or learn — on the site.

Registered users contribute hundreds of articles a day to the site. Many, including professional writers, use eHow as an income source. Average eHow earnings are hard to pinpoint, but many top earners make hundreds of dollars in residual income each month. Top earners have broken the $1,000/month benchmark and some are reaching for even higher goals.

The Maximize Residual Income eHow eBook goes into great detail, explaing the best methods to use when creating a library of high-earning eHow articles.

To succed at eHow, both as an online community member and a writer, one should:

  • Create quality, original content
  • Use unique keyword phrases
  • Emloy basic search engine optimization
  • Participate in the community

In short, eHow is a great platform for quality how-to articles and has excellent earnings potential.


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