Tips for Internet Dating – Part 2

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In Part 1 of my Tips for Internet Dating I went over the courtesies of corresponding with a potential new partner. Now I will give you tips about meeting that person.

Phone- Some people prefer to be able to talk to the person a few times before the actual meeting. If you do not want to give your real number out, you can get a free privacy number on websites such as

Place- First you will need to agree on a meeting place. Always meet in a public location; preferably one that you frequent and know the staff or patrons. I usually choose a coffeehouse down the street. For your safety, never meet at the person’s home, or bring them to yours.

Clothing- Wear something appropriate to the location you are meeting. If you are meeting at a coffee house, wear business causal, or maybe how you would dress at a jeans dress down day for work. Remember the first date is like an interview for both parties. If you are adventurous and you are meeting at a hiking event or a park, wear appropriate shoes (sneakers). You don’t want to have to sit out your first date.

Time- Be on time, maybe even arrive a little early. This will give you the advantage. You can choose where to sit and see them first when they get there. Also, have a plan; make sure to have something else scheduled such as a dentist appointment or picking up a family member before you get there. If you do not have anything scheduled make something up. (Let them know when you set the date) You can say, “I have to pick up my younger brother from the movies at 4:45, but I can meet you for coffee at 4:00”. This way if things do not go as planned or the person did not represent themselves as they truly are or even if you are uncomfortable, it will give you an easy way out. Even if you like the person, a short first meeting can be followed up with a second date.

I hope this will help in your quest for a new relationship. Remember it’s ok to be a little nervous; the other person probably is too.


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