Scandoo, the magical treat,, the more you use, the less you delete!!

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 images11_Thumb.jpg Our computers provide a valuable service to us. We use them daily for job searches, downloading tunes, researching information and web surfing. This technology also has weaknesses that hackers and ID-stealing malware want to attack your computer system with. eliminates the risk of clicking on unknown sites by scanning each search you make, in real-time.

ages_Thumb.jpg  Malware beware
Scandoo provides you with instant ratings and classifies websites within a few milliseconds. There will be icons that appear next to the site you want to visit. A safe site will have a green checkmark, unclassified or not verified will have a yellow question mark, and the one to be avoided will have a red X. You’ll notice other sites that could be potentially harmful to your computer that may contain malware will have a ‘bug’ icon, to the left of the website.

195YZCACQLGSTCA7FDG0XCAIFXWU2CA4GN00SCAL is the first service that proactively evaluates your search engine results and warns you about links that may contain security threats, or even offensive content before you the user click on the site. It’s a free service, requires no downloads, installations or updating. It has been designed to work with all leading search engines. You can use it as a plug in with your google toolbar, or an add on with Internet Explorer, or Firefox.
An AOL study showed that 80% of US home computers are infected by spyware

A Harris Interactive poll showed that between 94 -95% of men and women visited porn sites by accident.

30,000 new porn Web pages are added every single day

Keep all your computer disks and CD’s in a safe place in the event you may have to restore your computer yourself.


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