Tactics and Strategies for Call of Duty: World at War Gunfights

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1. Weapon Choice

Before we get deep into strategies and tactics we should determine what kind of weapon to use. Snipers are good as are rifles, both can be used moderatly well in a gunfight but you won’t be a butcher, leave those to sniping. Shotguns, they have their own spot too, rarely used and only worth it in regular team deathmatch they won’t keep you alive very long. This leaves machine guns and submachine guns and the odd occasion a pistol! Machine guns however are not all good for firefights, I would suggest we leave out the type-99 as it restricts too much of your view despite being a good weapon, and the BAR due to its recoil issues which you may choose to live with but I wouldn’t recommend it! The top weapons for this guide would be the FG-42 in hardcore and the Thompson, Type-100 and MP-40. The Thompson and Type are the best once you unlock round drums for both of them. The MP-40 has insanely low accuracy and WILL kill if you spray and pray or have no ability to aim. However despite its power you will die more as you will die to an accurate Thompson or Type faster then you can kill with an MP-40.

2.  Drop Shooting

This is not a net play game I know. However a drop shot in Call of Duty: World at War takes on a different and more deadly meaning! If you are a good first person shooter player on any system you HATE being out and an easy target! If you are standing still and shooting or even strafing you are still a full person and an easy target to anyone. We have all seen and tried people who prone and try to fight. The general consensus is they get owned. As soon as someone sees them and starts aiming it’s over. The funny thing is, have you ever been shooting at someone and all the sudden you just CAN’T hit them? They proned in the middle of shooting at you! This may seen stupid but that gives them a full two seconds of you trying to adjust and kill them and as soon as you do they are already standing and strafing again! By the time they go through this chances are they have killed you and your job of killing them was made insanely difficult. It took me and my friends a lot of practice to do it properly but even against the best players if you can drop shoot quickly and get used to your sights dropping with you (adjust your aim back up) then you will die much less and kill much more!

3.  Diving For cover (and reloads)

How much harder is it to shoot a head rather then a whole body? The answer is MUCH harder! It isn’t beneficial to STAY behind cover but if you don’t kill someone in 5-6 shots then it is becoming a long firefight and your GOING to get either sidelined or spray and prayed. Neither are very nice prospects. The best way to avoid this is to drop shoot as mentioned above or get behind cover in a stand or crounch so you aim is not impeded and try 3-4 more shots at them before you go back into a gunfight. Well you did this and 3 enemies attacked you and you beat them all using these tactics, the only problem now is your gun goes *click click click* when you are shooting, not good! You need to reload and the 4th enemy is all over you! Sprint to some cover or use your pistol as covering fire and get behind something small so that if they try to get you you can run and knife them first while your trying to reload! Wehn reloading be hidden and ready to knife!

4. Bring a knife to a gunfight…and WIN!

Who on earth would be dumb enough to bring a knife to a gunfight? Well you of course! If you and your opponent close within 5 feet of each other sprint to their side and come at them for a knife NEVER straight at them or you just make yourself a really easy target! If you want you can even sprint from a long way away in a round pattern constantly making them turn and come in for the knife, it is kind of sad that this even works on vets, but it does! Just be sprinting to their side and towards them and you are very hard to hit and can get your knife kill easily. Using your knife should be second nature as soon as someone is close enough don’t just keep shooting as they WILL knife you first and that’s not good! Always be ready to knife especially when you are reloading or outnumbered!

5. Lag shooting and Spray and Pray.

I am sure we have all encountered terrible hosts, when you have no bars and your enemy is literally teleporting around. How in the hell do you kill anything? Well if you ever played Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 then you know how to lag shoot. If the enemy is moving left and there is lag then shoot to the left if you don’t hit them then shoot further to the left. The amount you have to lag shoot to hit your actual enemy and not the one that shows on your screen is pretty much consistent throughout the whole game once you find out how laggy the game is. If you have a hard time aiming or are lazy or just embarrassed at your skills you can spray and pray. This involves a gun with a long clip and decent damage like the 8-9 seconds of firing with an MP-40 with round drum which is rediculously wrong for second gun in a class! This way you can see someone and just fire int hat direction and sway your weapon back and forth to ensure you hit them eventually! This is insanely noob style but it works in lag as well as for novices and people playing against better players they can’t beat.

6. Tag team sidelines.

This requires you to bring a friend and usually some form of voice communication. One of you uses juggernaut and runs at the enemy firing meanwhile the other uses stopping power and runs at them firing from the side. The enemy becomes confused and if smart try to finish off the first attacker instead of turning on the second, either way if done properly he has about 2 seconds to live and try to kill either of you! I personally love this tactic as neither of you die very often and you can easily get dogs!

7. Mental warfare.

The best way to totally obliterate your enemy and most assuredly the one that will get the most negative feedback is mental warfare. This requires you to be skillful and fast. I would consider this as a hunter and a hunted relationship, at the start of a game everyone is a hunter, however killing them 2-3 times before they kill you puts them in a  hunted mindset and they start getting scared of you and trying to escape and makes their aim less effective as they start to give up. The hunter becomes more confident and will do better and better against his less and less confident foe. You can also put them in a hunted frame of mind by killing them in interesting ways such as dive shooting and jumping off of something and knifing them.


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