Runescape Runecrafting Guide How To Tap the Aracne Energies of RS by Crafting Runes

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Prayer allows a Runescape character to type into the divine energies that come from the gods of the world, but most fantasy games offer a second type of magic. Runecrafting is the art of making the runes needed to tap into the arcane energies of the world to cast powerful offensive spells. For a Runescape character to start a Runecrafting career, a player must complete a quest that involves finding and talking to certain non player characters (NPC.)

Gathering Rune Essences

If a Runescape character trying to learn runecrafting has not already done so, he should work on his mining skill . Essences, like the minerals and metals used in the smithing skill, are obtained using the mining trade skills. Because mining essences also nets mining experience, a Runescape cahracter can work on 2 trade skills at the same time. Unlike the prayer skill , a player earns runecrafting experience every time he makes a rune.

In order to mine the rune essences, a player mus visit one of the wizard NPCs who will take him to the essence mines. The following list comes from the Global Runescape website.

  • Aubury – Vurock Runeshop
  • Head Wizard – The basement of the wizard tower
  • Wizard Distentor – Magic Guild
  • Wizard Crompetry – East Ardougne
  • Brimstall — Underground cave in the Tree Gnome Village

Runecrafting Talismans and Tiaras

Talismans are items that drop off mobs in Runescape that teleport a character directly to an altar where he can craft runes. If a Runescape character wants to save a slot in his inventory, he can place the talisman on a tiara. A player clicks on the talisman or tiara to take his character to 1 of the many altar types to craft the appropriate runes.

Runecrafting Level Needed for the Rune types

  • Air – 1
  • Mind – 2
  • Water – 5
  • Earth – 9
  • Fire – 14
  • Cosmic – 27
  • Chaos – 35
  • Astral – 40
  • Nature – 44
  • Law – 54
  • Death – 65

If a Runescape character’s skill is high enough, he can make multiple Runes on each crafting attempt to save time. The higher the level in this trade skill, the higher the multiples of each rune can be made.

While making the runes is important to finding the magic, runes can also be bought or sometimes found on monsters. A Runescape character who wishes to ensure a steady supply of runes for his magic spells should consder taking up Runecrafting to save play time for other enjoyable aspects of the game.


Global Rune Scape Runecrafting Guide


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