Free Power Leveling for Mmorpgs Paying a Company To Level a Character Results in Bannings

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The ads for mmorpgs often will include a link to a site that sells power leveling for an mmorpg character. A true capitalist cannot object to the owners of the paid power leveling sites making money by selling a service that is obviously in high demand. A character with a little knowledge of how leveling in mmorpgs works does not need to spend money to level more quickly.

The Dangers of Paying for Power Leveling

The designers of most of the popular mmorpgs frown upon power leveling, but the designers realize a certain amount of power leveling will go on in these types of games. The EULA for many of the most popular mmos specifically forbids paying real money for in-game services unless the services are offered by the company that owns the game world.

A person who gets caught paying for power leveling or doing something like buying gold can have his account banned for doing using these services. Finding out that someone has paid to gain a level or gold advantage is difficult, so the practice continues. It is better for a player to get power leveling for free, keep his money, and not put his account in danger or getting banned.

Legal, No Cost Free Power Leveling

Friends or guild mates are often willing to a character out, as long as a player is not annoying about asking to be power leveled. Needed classes, such as priests or tanks, may find themselves given help gaining levels so the guild can get the benefits. An individual player should be prepared to level up on his own and not rely on his guild. A friend may help a player level up so that the friend and the player of the power leveled character can play together in the more challenging areas of the game.

How To Do Free Power Leveling

Free or paid power leveling operates much the same way in most games, but it is not exactly the same for each game, and differences between games may require a person who wants to be power leveld or to do power leveling to do a little reasearch. What works in World of Warcraft may not work in Vanguard, for example. The two most common ways to power level another character are having a higher level character buff the lower level character, and a higher level character aiding or grouping with the lower level character.

The first strategy has become less effective as even the older games like Everquest and Ultima Online have implemented minimum level requirements on buffs, and the latter strategy still works in most games, although many mmorpgs reduce the experience given to the lower level character greatly as the risk is smaller. (Most of the experience is eaten by the higher level character, although he will no longer earn experience from the mobs being fought in this group.)

Free Power Leveling Etiquette

If a guild mate or friend power levels a character for someone else, the important thing to remember is that the recipient has been done a favor and it is polite to pay the person back. In the case of a guild, the expectations of the guild should be obvious. Effectiveness on raids is what guilds look for and having an extra tank or a cleric gives a guild an extra edge.

A player who has his character power leveled for free should also be polite during the experience gaining sessions. Sending out a Thank You card is not necessary, but returning the favor to another player on an alt is appreciated by most people.

Paying for a character to be power leveled is stupid and can cause the person who paid for the service to lose his account. It is better to find ways to do it within the context of the game. The companies selling this service will simply open up another account and find another victim.


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