Top 10 Asian Restaurants in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles has diverse selections when it comes to Asian cuisine but you can never know which one is good and which one is not. Some may be expensive and still won’t match your expectations while others might look a little unattractive and will leave you wanting more. So how will you know which one is which? This is exactly what this article is all about. It is a list gathered from myself and my friends who have been to those places several times and loved them.

Formosa Cafe (

7156 St Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, 90046
Between Formosa & Detroit Street

If you are looking for the old Hollywood style, then look no further. This place is has big room booths and will not make you feel claustrophobic. It is somehow dark but you can still see who you are talking to and what you are eating. Formosa Cafe also offers private and intimate spacing for you and another 50+ of your friends to throw a party at. Their drinks are worth every bit as they are strong and real. They changed the menu recently but it is still as good and the prices are very moderate.

Houston’s (

10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles 90067
Between Century Park W & Ave of the Stars

If you are traveling with your family and you have children with you this place is for you. It is one of the best child friendly Asian restaurants in LA. It might not be very cheap but it is worth it. If you go there make sure you try their pork ribs. They are just beyond description and will leave you wanting more. The service is good and the waiters are usually very friendly.

Bungalow Club (

7174 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles 90046
Between N Detroit St & N Formosa Ave

This is probably one of the best romantic places to go with your loved one. The food is well priced and good for the palate, but the service can get a little clumsy but don’t let that drive you away from the Bungalow Club. If you want to go there make sure you make a booking otherwise you will end up waiting for hours before you get seated.

Absolutely Phobulous (

350 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles 90048
Between Oakwood & Beverly

And the name says it all. This place is just absolutely fabulous. The only two problems are seating and parking. So if you want to go eat there make sure you book in advance and take a taxi to avoid all the parking hassle. One thing that is a must try is their Concubine Beef which melts in your mouth. The service is fast and the waiters are well mannered.

Akwa (

1413 5th St, Santa Monica 90401
Between Santa Monica Blvd & Broadway

This restaurant is one of the most expensive but if you have some to spare you should not leave this out. Their sushi are mouth watering and the fish is always fresh. One thing to remember though, is that you are also paying for the atmosphere. There is a well designed outdoor area and a trendy interior dining room.

Blue Hen Restaurtant (

1743 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles 90041
Between La Roda Ave & Argus Dr

If you are on a budget and want to experience some real good Vietnamese food then this place is for you. The first thing you should order when you go there is their tumeric fries.

ChoSun Galbee (

3330 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles 90019
At S Manhattan Pl

If you have never tasted BBQ Korean and you want to try it, then this is the place for you. It will leave first impressions that are wonderful. It is a little bit over priced but you will forget about all that as soon as you take the first bite of whatever you are eating. The soups are worth a try too.

Dragon Street

5001 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood 91601
At Morrison St

Great food, great atmosphere, great service and the last but not least great value for your money. Don’t miss out this place. Their food is always consistent, hot and fresh even if you order a take out.


8711 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood 90069
Between Westbourne Dr & Hancock Ave

If you are a sushi lover then don’t miss this place. The fist is always very fresh. The prices are not really cheap but the good service, excellent interior deco and the food make up for it.

Zen Grill (

9111 W Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills 90212
Between S Doheny Dr & S Oakhurst Dr

If you like Fusion, Zen will satisfy your every need when it comes to food. It is one of the fewest places where you can have Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai in one night. On top of that all, the prices are excellent and the services is one of the best.


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