Virtua Tennis: World Tour for PSP

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Virtua Tennis on the PSP is really great game. There are many elements that are contained in the game Top Spin (which is my favorite game of all time tennis), but the game did not put as Top Spin, or Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast. Well, the game has a good idea and executed pretty well, mini-games are boring and consistent loading make the character customization is not much fun.

The graphics spoke Virtua Tennis looks great for the PSP. All of this seems like a good anyting you can find on consoles, but it is still very good. The service is quite good, I think does not have a lot to play tennis. The worst thing about the checks is that sometimes when running the ball for analog core it can be to answer yes or not enough.

One of the places that Virtua Tennis falls flat in the Carrera Mode. In this way, you order and you can only compete in tournaments that are ranked in the same people as you. At first every tournament is only two games long, so it really does not get much in practice, and they are far and few between for the longest time. Between these times you are supposed to play through the mini-games, with the exception of a few, it seems almost impossible. This is really the only way you can get to your stats, so it’s kind, a bummer.

In addition, Virtua Tennis on the PSP is on the whole a good tennis game, which in my opinion seems to be something missing depth. If you have tennis on the way to all means pick this game up, but if you do not take away from the Top Spin, were much better play. This is really great tennis game for me..


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