Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror For PSP

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This gameplay is really great, you use both stealth and brute force, depending on the situation. Some areas require a little sneaking around to avoid detection, while in other areas you need to collect May through BLASTING bad if you have time, because the bomb counting very quickly. Your choice of weapons plays a major role players in the game, too. If you use gas dart May you be able to watch without attracting attention to the other. If you use explosive dart can fire on a group of guards, and then Detonate kill them all at  once. Order firing rate to automatic weapons can change the situation. You have to think before you act very much in this game, but not to the point where the game and Tricky.

There are several ways the game. The story of waiting for you to work your way through all levels. Completed levels can be displayed mission mode. Here you can try to make the various statistics in an attempt to provide additional equipment and weapons. Completion levels use different tactics you get more points in different areas. In the extras to gain by doing this can be used during the game. This is very useful in multi-player mode. Both ad-hoc and infrastructure support, but the more weapons, you must choose before they start, the better the chances for victory. The fashion show infrastructures for me, except occasionally pause, wait for the host or something, and then go. This did not happen, but very often is annoying that he did. It’s just as much fun as well as in multi-player SOCOM Fire Team Bravo, but it looks better.

The sound is also excellent. The music is attractive, shooting is pretty good, healthy and explosive explosion. It is better to the headset or speakers for a decent, but it still sounds good PSP with built in the dinky speakers.

The cut scenes show the graphics and sound better than any other PSP game I have played so far. They were really nice and fun to play, instead of just nice, but a little boring as in some other games.


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