Tekken: Dark Resurrection For PSP

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This one of best popular game in PSP. It does so many things that many other PSP games get wrong. the loading times are a blessing. Where smack down is only 10 seconds to load-up screen, Tekken DR loads each match within 4.6 seconds. Combine this with lush graphics, which really shows the PSP’s technical capabilities, and it makes all other PSP games loading time seemed unforgivable.

Another thing is right is that the game brilliantly. Each character, the old and new, solid and liquid struggle with and against. The only problem is that while diagonals are quite difficult to download at the beginning, but soon half of nature.

Therefore, it is technically accomplished, it looks great, great game. What can you do to be even better? Chuck in the stacks of ways to keep you playing for weeks, or months. The Dojo mode is brilliant, the struggle for supremacy ranking in various Dojo. And if you’ve had to fill in for upgrading your all 35 characters’ ranks and titles, can compete online against ghosts. Instead of online, you can play against the artificial profile of someone you can download over the Internet. It also works brilliantly, and you’ll become obsessed with making your character almost unstoppable.

Tekken is far one of the best titles for the PSP. Any error of your PSP games are almost non-existent and what you get is the same challenging and entertaining sites you know and love. It does not get any better than that.


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