The Secrets on How to Make a Small Room Appear Much Larger Than It Really Is

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The Secrets on How to Make a Small Room appear Much larger than It Really is

Do you feeling cramped with your small room that you are trying to decorate? Remember that, if you are living in a small apartment or house, the small areas present decorating challenges. In order to decorate a small spaces or apartment will normally involve few guidelines. Here are some tips on how to make a small room appear much larger, more attractive and comfortable

Create an Infinity Effect

Place the mirrors strategically with an adequate lighting especially when space is limited. Another way to make a house look bigger is to hang up mirror and add the framed mirror, in order to get the reflective surfaces. This technique could makes a room look larger then than it really is. Try to place the mirror side by side, floor to ceiling or facing each other on opposite walls to create an infinity effect. Include few sources of lighting in every room with light coming from different heights and directions. If possible, add ample mirrors in your bathroom as well.

The Secrets on How to Make a Small Room Appear Much Larger Than It Really Is

Choosing Color

Try to paint the walls with a light colors with plenty of natural light in a room. The darker colors absorb light and thus will makes a room even smaller than it already is. Lighter colors will extend the look of the space. The walls will reflect more light and give the allusion of a much larger space. The accent with a lighter color woodwork for contrast and paint with semi gloss paint to match the flat wall color.

Furniture Arrangement

Another alternative ways to make a house look bigger is having less furniture and decorations in each room. If a house has too much furniture, it will make your room seem smaller then it really is. Divide your furniture into small and intimate groupings to having one larger conversation area. Place the larger pieces of furniture at the wall’s angle in corner. This will open up some wall space and make the room seem bigger. Moved away your furniture from the walls and it will make your furniture more attractive. In addition, if you could place your reflective objects in your room: These will reflect more light and make the room looks much bigger and larger.


When selling a house there is one thing you can do to make the house easier to sell. This thing is make the house look bigger and try to get as much light into the room as you possible can. Majority of people won’t buy a house if it looks too small.

These are some few tips that can help you to make your small room appear larger than it really is. Just because a room is small, doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do for it. Try out some of these tips and you will come up with a solution that works for you and your room as well.

The Secrets on How to Make a Small Room Appear Much Larger Than It Really Is


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