Bridezilla: How NOT to be One

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Being a wedding planner, there is nothing more difficult than dealing with a bridezilla. It makes work tedious and lack-lustre. But more often than not, bridezillas are actually nice people. They are simply under stress.

To avoid acting like the creature itself, here are some tips:

  1. Be organized. You probably already have a wedding planner and you’re probably thinking “I don’t have to organize anything. I’m paying someone to do that for me.” Well, it is true that you hired someone to do the dirty work like gathering requirements and setting up appointments with your wedding gown couturier but you have to do a little bit of organizing yourself for your sake. One way to be organized is by using a diary or a filofax or a PDA or even your trusty cellphone. That way, when your wedding planner asks you if you’re available on Tuesday for a food tasting, then you can check your schedule and set aside time for it by putting it on your to-do list.
  2. Know what you want. Many women have their weddings all planned out since they were 8 years old. And when you are finally ready to get married, the best thing that you can do is incorporate your plans for your dream wedding with what your groom wants. It is, after all, his wedding too. If you are one of those who never thought about getting married until Cupid shot them with his arrow, ask your wedding planner for help. Your wedding planner will usually ask you what you and your husband-to-be have in common or how the two of you met and how much you are willing to spend. Not having planned your wedding in your pig-tailed years still doesn’t give you a right to be a bridezilla.
  3. Be nice. Be nice to your wedding planner and suppliers. Just because you hired us, it doesn’t mean that you can boss us around. We need to work together to make your dream wedding come true. Let your wedding planner do her or his job. The keyword here is “let”. Don’t MAKE your wedding planner work, LET her or him. And take note that we can be very generous if you play nice.
  4. Consider the time. If you want a big and fancy wedding, give yourself three months minimum to prepare. Three months if you’ve hired a wedding planner, more if your doing the planning yourself. If you want to get married right away, keep it simple. You can always have a big and fancy renewal of vows. Time is also important when it comes to booking your suppliers and venue. The earlier you book, the more options you have. Prices also tend to rise if the date of your wedding is nearer as opposed to the normal booking dates which are usually months ahead. And we all know that no matter how rich one is, savings is savings. And savings always puts a smile on everyone’s faces.
  5. Lastly, RELAX. Planning your wedding is supposed to be a fun and exciting process. Relax. Get enough sleep. The last thing that we need is a grouchy bridezilla with dark undereyes.

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