Happy feet movie

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The movie is so awesome! It maybe cartoons but made with very decent graphics! I love the flow of the story; who wants to be an outcast anyways? But it happens everywhere. In this movie, they are flock of penguins and one of their renowned talent is singing. Mumble (the main character) unfortunately just can’t sing but he has a talent different from the other and he’s really good at it; he can tune-tap dance like no other! The reason why he had this kind of defect was also shown in the movie. He is a worst singer, he can break an entire cave of ice but his feet is a great strum of music in every kind.

This talent of him made him who he is and even helped them all at the end of the story. I personally admired how the mom (Norma  Jean) adored her son whatever he became. She’s always in his side no matter what. The movie is so touching and a story of family, of friends, love and a story of attaining your dreams. This movie is for everyone; definitely worth seeing. You might find it too childish and boring but when you watch it from start to end it ain’t just movie but a lesson to all that one’s weakness might be other’s strength.

Over all I give it a good rating, definitely worth to watch. The lessons varies from taking care of the nature, importance of family, love, friendship and how you treat other people – this is a kind of movie you would want your kids to see.


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