MegaMan: Powered Up For PlayStation Portable

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Mega Man Powered Up remains faithful to the original story and gameplay are perfectly replicated, but with updated graphics, sound and ability.

Graphic style is perfect, although it has little or no Cutscenes. On the checks, based on the original NES buttons methods were flawless. Although this is not necessarily difficult for developers that is very appreciated. What is striking about the gameplay is powered up. The drug addict is the same gun / platform game in the style that the original classic. Gamers who played the original will feel at home at the controls during awed by the new visual style. Gamers who never played a Mega Man title before you can easily pick up and enjoy one of the greatest 2D action games in history.

The game is a little too much, as you well. Difficulties with three different settings and the ability to play through the game as the defeated all their opponents, gamers can create a lot of different actions. The ability to design and create their own level is brilliant and ensure genuine fans with almost unlimited hours of play.
This is a game that anyone can reasonably expect, and that can be enjoyed in 5.10 meetings. Both aspects make for a smooth transition from console to hand. This game is better as a portable title than ever as the game console.

Gamer can not go wrong buying or renting this title for the PSP. In older gamers get a dose of nostalgia, while newer gamers will be introduced for large 2D action franchise. Some of the price you believe that this is not a good title. In my opinions, this is one of the best PSP games in the library, it’s simply too much, too.


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