5 simple ways to deal heartaches

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       Many have already suffered from different heartaches and many had experienced broken hearts from whatsoever reasons causing it, regardless of how mild or painful it is. different approaches were applied, used, and tried just to heal their broken hearts.
      It is quite hard to handle aches that really affect ones emotion. Handling them made way for many articles written(even published) just to share their coping experience about the matter. so I, like them, wrote this to share some things that might be a help for you, if you are also suffering from heartaches causing broken hearts and emotional distress.

  • Have Trust and Faith in God (if a believer)

” I am your creator. You were in my care even before you were born.”

                                                                                                   Isaiah 44:2

   If you feel heartaches and you think that you could not have love and care anymore, well, change that idea through the Bible verse above. Do some reflections to it. There is no greater love than the love of God as well as your love for Him. We are programmed and designed to love God more than any other else. In god, no one will be broken hearted as long as you have a relationship with Him. Love of man might fade, but love of God will surely not. so have faith in Him, then you will see that someone loves you more than somebody else can.

  • Never have Resentment

   Man tend to be driven by anger and indignation when they are hurt. If we are broken hearted we usually hate those factors causing us pain. If we are broken hearted because of our past relationship, we usually hate and sometimes curse that person who caused us heartache. We rehearse it in our minds over and over that we should hate that person. But that response is unhealthy, we are only holding on to hurts and never get over them. “Your past is past”. For some it is difficult to say, but it should be easy because nothing will change it. Holding on to the pain through resentment is the reason why those who hurt us in the past can continue hurting us now. So for your own sake, learn from it and let it go.

  • Have Self-reliance

   Self trust is also one of the characteristics a person must posses in order for him to have confidence in facing every problem. Emotional distress is dangerous because it can cause self pity leading to suicide. if you have self-reliance you will still have that courage and pride that life does not only revolve with your past experiences causing you now trouble. Your life has many purpose, so live with it and do not bury your self in something that hurts you.

  • Practice Acceptance through Open-mindedness

   Admitting the situation is one way of healing heartaches. Openning our minds that everything is possible to happen and accepting the fact that the situation you are into now happens, then it would be easier for you to discern into your current situation. I agree that it is quite hard to do, but motivating your mind that you should have acceptance, will surely lead you to healing. Accepting the fact that everything might end and has its end, that everything might tend to cause you heartaches is a big factor for easy healing. if you learn to deal with it and accept it, i am sure that the pains you feel are manageable and just easy to erase.

  • Remove your self from Guilt

Guilt is one of the reasons why we are controlled by our past, that commonly become the reason why we cannot heal the pains that we are experiencing. We live by running away from the things done or left undone. We are directed by our memories letting them manage our present and even our future. It is true that we all have pasts or painful pasts and came through it, but we should never be imprisoned by it. Set free your minds and deal with something which can motivate you, helping you over come heartaches.


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