Recipes for Beer Margaritas and some appetizers to go along!

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Always looking for a party drink but out of fresh ideas? Want an easy to make drink that is amazingly good? Then I recommend that you try beer margaritas. I know that it sounds kind of awful but in my opinion beer margaritas actually taste better than regular margaritas plus they have at least double the alcohol than conventional margaritas.

4 bottles of pacifico or corona

2 cans of frozen limeade concentrate

8 shots of white tequila

Get a large pitcher and pour the beers into it. Then empty the limeade cans into it and add the tequila. It is important to use a hand tool to mix and mash the ingredients because a blender will do more harm than good. This recipe serves four people so don’t plan on driving anywhere. If you want you can tone down the tequila so your guests don’t get too drunk.

I also recommend that you serve food with these drinks or at least make sure you have a sober driver to get you some food. One of my favorites is chips and dips. Simply buy a couple of bags of your favorite tortilla chips and make the following dips:

1. Bean and Cheese Dip

– 1 can of refried beans

– 4oz cheddar or Mexican blend shredded cheese

Open the beans and heat in the microwave or on the stove. Add cheese and stir until cheese is completely melted. Serve.

2. Fresh Mashed Guacamole

– 3-4 avocados

– Handful of chopped red onion

– Chili powder or fresh chopped peppers (pick your favorite kind…if all else fails, jalapenos)

Put all the contents into a bowl and mash until you get a paste like consistency. The chili powder/peppers are solely for adding spice.

3. Mom’s Homemade Salsa

– 1 can of peeled whole tomatoes

– Handful of cilantro

– ½ red onion

– 2-4 roasted jalapenos

– Salt, pepper, and garlic powder

Jalapenos don’t typically come roasted so you have to buy them and roast them yourself. Think of it like roasting a marshmallow but you actually want the outside of the pepper to be black. Cut the stem off and put it into a blender along with all the other ingredients. Don’t blend it too much otherwise it becomes too much like a liquid instead of a salsa. I should also mention that this salsa goes very well on top of fried chicken, steaks, and potatoes and eggs.


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